Just For You, Royalty
I thought I would take this time to celebrate us. Not for any reason other than we are heavenly creations. So join me as we celebrate:
each others strength,
each others courage,
each others unshakable faith
each others grace
each others minds
each others visions and dreams
each others beauty
and each other’s power.
Ladies please stand and applaud yourselves and each
other for demonstrating every day of your lives just how dynamic and remarkable we sisters are!

I invite you to follow these 5 steps toward becoming your favorite past time.


a. Set Time Aside Just for You: minimum of 1hr, or more and Demand that during this time you are not to be disturbed.
b. Rid your mind and your area of all clutter, (turn the cell phone off) stretch, and breathe deeply for 5mins. Your choice of soothing music is recommended.
c. Immerse yourself in water preferably a bath with light scented candles, generously use scented oils and breathe deeply.
d. Indulge yourself in any activity that will bring you peace, contentment, enjoyment, and most importantly it must make you smile.
e. Return to the area where you began ridding your mind and space of clutter. Stretch and breathe for 5 mins and return to your throne where you rule the world.

Rising To The Top
I recently conducted a seminar in a female residential facility where the resident's are being re-united with their children. The facility was immaculate, the staff attentive, and the residents focused. Needless to say this setting could only be achieved by a common goal recovery. State budgets across the nation have been impacted by the current economic crisis, however this issues has not placed a damper on the hearts and minds of the women who seek to instill the importance of positive change in the lives of these clients. My topic was change and the sacrifices that must be made in order to achieve that change. The three things required to bring about a positive change are that you must be honest, open and willing.
1. Honest: with yourself and others regarding every area of life, specifically your addiction.
2. Open: the ability to receive new information that will allow you to make positive changes within your life.
3. Willing to apply these changes to your daily life no matter how uncomfortable bearing in mind the positive outcome of the effort.
When applied and internalized these tools will inspire clients to live more, be more and do more. Addiction reaps havoc and chaos into our daily lives and the lives of those around us. When one has accepted that their life has become unmanageable as a result of compulsive use, only then is there a possibility the affected to take proper steps to make positive changes and enter into treatment.
Addiction does not come over night and nor will your Recovery, The recovery process must be trained, channeled and nurtured until the client is able to stand alone.
Women in recovery with women can focus on themselves and their issues because there is less distraction. I am a grateful product of an all female residential facility and can attest to the many benefits of this safe environment as it contributed greatly to the positive outcome that has become a wonderful, and productive life.


People are emotional creatures when wounded. We take on titles such as caretakers, enablers and the custodians of others. These titles position us to neglect ourselves and lick our wounds in hopes that they will go away and heal themselves. They don’t heal they leave scars and more times than not they fester and infect the entire body, mind and spirit. I have learned many of these wounds stem from the issues that have served to create, mold and shape our personalities. Some of the issues are triggers. Such as abandonment, resentment, anger, jealousy, loneliness, unworthiness, false judgment, sadness, need, temptation, and powerlessness to name a few. You must come out of denial in order to address each trigger honestly. Each time I am faced with any of the above triggers I ask myself what part of me is showing up. I then focus on healing those parts of my personality that have been triggered. Working on oneself is challenging, however we must remember challenge is an intention to change for the better. Let’s not forget the road to hell is paved with good intentions, which means if you are seriously looking to rid yourself of these triggers you alone must do the work. Gut wrenching honesty is key toward achieving this goal. Your baggage has influenced how you interact with others. You are not getting the most out of your relationships if you keep comparing them to past experiences that contributed to keeping you bound and gagged. Don’t reap havoc and chaos into future relationships because you are fearful of what could happen because it happened in the PAST. Above all else you must embrace your love of self and others. In order to be something different, I have to be something different. I attract what I am.
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April 19th 2017

​​When a person hides ones self from everybody else it appears as though they also become hidden from themselves. This permits disease and death to gnaw into ones substance without ones clear knowledge.
As a person in recovery it is mandatory to learn who you are first; honestly and truthfully accept who is revealed. In doing so you equip yourself with the two most important tools needed to have a loving relationship with yourself and with others. Many of us have had close calls with death as one of the many consequences of our addictions or codependency. We ignored the dangers in our lives and many of us neglected our health. We wore ourselves out and wasted our energies.
Spiritual recovery and physical health go hand in hand. In recovery, moving toward fullness in life, our true selves are returned to us. We make a sincere effort to leave behind our old learned behaviors and habits after having come to the realization that they were lethal to others and ourselves. We have become a population who tune in to ourselves and to others around us. No longer are we the selfish addicted species who once focused on nothing more than a HIGH. Today we are looking at ourselves honestly and saying, “I am an adult and I can handle my business! Today I will not hide myself from others or myself; I will continue to disclose who I was and who I have become in hopes of helping someone else heal. Today I choose to live and serve in whatever capacity I am able and become the creation God created me to be. My brother told me that when a person dies so does the teacher within them. I have learned from many persons who have passed on. It is his or her experience, strength and words of wisdom I will use to encourage, teach, and strengthen all person’s I meet throughout my life’s journey. Some information should be kept simple and to the point. I pray this has helped you.