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Jill S., New York, NY
Zoe is not a rising star, she is a star. I have had the pleasure of working with Zoe in many different capacities at Dress for Success and she embodies the organization's goal of advancing women in the workplace and in life. She is a Dress for Success "success story" and I have witnessed her share her strengths and empower those around her and in turn, change others' lives. Knowing Zoe will change your life; it has changed mine.

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Michelle W. NJ.
In the year of 2000 I was blessed with meeting you. You have always been an example to me that I wanted to mimick. The way you dressed, the way you spoke, the way you cooked and the way you showed unconditional love for people was impressive to me. I learned the phase "Real people do real things" from you and it stuck with me thoughout my recovery process. When I started going to meetings you would walk in, sharp as a tack and I would admire you from afar. When I realized we had done time together I was even more impressed because I thought if she could do it so can I.....Last but not least, at the lowest point of my new recovery life (when I lost my husband) you stuck by me, protected me and would not leave my side until you were sure that I was alright....I thought to myself...Can I ever show love to other people like Zoe does? can I ever be a real friend to someone? Most important question of all was Can I acquire a real relationship with a God of my understanding like she has? Because I believed that I was the last person God wanted to hear from.....Can I have as much confidence in myself and believe that this too will work for me....Well through the years I am learning that the answer to these questions and so many more is "Yes"!! and it was you Ms. Sheppard that inspired me to change the way I lived and believed that I too can be free from the grips of addiction. I can never thank you enough!! My love and admiration for you is undying. Love you

Thomas W. Rochester, NY
          "Zoe... I have been walking around with the book ever since it came in the mail. Your perspectives are eye opening  and very beneficial to others and the writing is engaging!" "Such courage and openness Bravo!"

Carla Lyde NJ
In July 2004 Ms Zoe Sheppard came into my life while I was a resident in a treatment facility. As my treatment counselor she taught me the significance of utilizing the tools of recovery in combination with God’s Grace. It is this combination that allows me to be here today. She came to my first year anniversary to celebrate and support my clean time in recovery. I believe that God used this woman to inspire me and to encourage me to believe there is life after addiction. She emphasized the importance of treatment and taught me to use it as a stepping stone to take my life back. As a counselor she was a no nonsense woman. She helped me understand the dangers of my life having become unmanageable and out of control. She broke me down gently and built me back up. She taught me the importance of making healthy decisions until I was able to make them on my own. She insisted that I get honest with myself and to accept that the disease of addiction was is more powerful than me. With six years clean I still have her and people like her in my life. I am grateful today to be able to call her when I need to talk or don’t receive the understanding from others as I have with her. She is my mother in recovery and I love her. She is the best and my life is wonderful with her in it! Thank you for teaching me the importance of being able to live, laugh and grow.

Truth is best served straight up with no chaser so that you can feel the full impact.
Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

When I first began working with Dress for Success, I met Zoe Sheppard and I knew immediately that she was special. Her fiery spirit, confidence and positive attitude is infectious. When I read Poetic Recovery: Life Don’t Rhyme, I learned how Zoe transformed the downward spiral of her life to one of profound success and happiness and was amazed. She is a woman who was able to completely change her path and her story encourages all of us to fight for and embrace the lives we are meant to lead.

​God didn't use Iyanla Vanzant to fix my life. He used Mrs. Zoe Sheppard. I want to take time out to thank this woman if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be who I am today and that's so real. Thank you Mrs. Zoe for believing in me and straightening me out. She taught me there's no shortcuts in life and my life wasn't a music video LOL. On one great Sunday morning in the Bronx she introduced me to Love Fellowship Tabernacle the kingdom Church out in Brooklyn where I heard Bishop Hezekiah Walker preach the Lord's Prayer and my life has never been the same since 11 years ago. God spared my life, on my third felony back-to-back drug charges out on bail twice I still got a 18 month drug program no jail time and that's where I met Mrs Zoe Sheppard she was one of my counselors. To GOD BE THE GLORY/